Criminal History Authorization and Release Background Check Form - Authorizes UNT to obtain criminal history information on all Program Staff who are seeking to work with a Program for Minors.

Food Safety This document provides information on proper food handling and reporting.

Medical Information Form - This form is to be completed by the parent or guardian of the Program Participant. The form requests basic medical history information and authorizes UNT to obtain medical treatment for the Program Participant if necessary. 

Medical ProceduresThis document includes information on what to do in case of a medical crisis.

Minors Working in Lab Form - Provides Risk Management Services and the University lab supervisor who sponsors a minor with general information pertaining to the minor's educational or volunteer program in the lab 

Photo Release Form - Grants permission to the university to photograph and publish an individual for either printed or electronic material. 

Program for Minors Incident Report Form - This form is used to report any illness or injury requiring medical attention other than first aid.

Program for Minors Information Form - Provides Risk Management Services with general information pertaining to the program. 

Program for Minors Verification Form - Allows the Program Director to indicate compliance with the Program for Minors Guidelines. 

Risk Assessment - This worksheet helps Program Directors consider the full impact of all activities conducted during the course of a program for minors. Program Directors should take appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate the potential for exposure of Program Participants to reasonably foreseeable hazards.