Program for Minors Procedures
The University of North Texas sponsors a wide variety of programs each year. These guidelines are intended to provide guidance to those involved in the planning and implementation of programs for minors sponsored by the University of North Texas or conducted on its campus. UNT encourages the use of its campus and facilities, on a space available basis, and any University department is eligible to conduct a Program for Minors if they intend to promote the mission of the University.  There are minimum requirements when minors are involved in program. Please see the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Programs for Minors.

University departments who wish to sponsor UNT Program for Minors can choose to make their own arrangements for meeting and recreational space, auxiliary services, transportation, social events, and all support services needed for a successful program by contacting each UNT entity directly. There are minimum requirements when minors are involved in any University laboratory or shop program. Please see the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Minors in Labs.  Alternatively, University departments can utilize the services of the Lifelong Learning and Professional Development Center (LLPD) for professional program management.

Third Parties must work through the appropriate initial planning office to plan their program and reserve facility space using a Facilities and Services Use Agreement. The initial planning office must contact RMS once the Facilities and Services Use Agreement has been signed. Furthermore, this procedure may not apply to programs where parents or other responsible adults are expected to provide supervision of minors, or to programs where parents or other responsible adults are explicitly required to accompany their minor(s).

Program – “Program” means any camp, activity, event, internship, or volunteer opportunity operated by or on the UNT campus that has direct contact with minors.

      Third Party -  “Third Party” means a person, group, or organization not an employee, student or unit of UNT.

Director –  “Program director” means a person who  operates or supervises a program, including departments partnering with a third-party.

Staff – “Program Staff” means an employee, student or volunteer who is directly involved in the operation of a program and who has the potential to have direct, unsupervised interaction with minors. This does not include a person acting as a guest speaker, an entertainer, or fulfilling any other role where attendance at a program is for a limited purpose or a limited time if the person has no direct and unsupervised interaction with minors.

Minor - “Minor” means a person under 18 years of age who is not  enrolled as a student of UNT.

Health Officer – Physician, registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse, a person with an American Red Cross Emergency Response certificate, or its equivalent, or who is certified in CPR and basic first aid.