Self-Insured Mobile Equipment Program

Mobile equipment is defined as vehicles that are not subject to compulsory or financial responsibility law or other motor vehicle insurance law where they are licensed or principally garaged.  This can include golf carts, fork lifts, tractors, lawn mowers, etc.

These typs of vehicles can be added to our Self-Insured Mobile Equipment Plan (SIMEP) which provides liability coverage only. The cost to join is $265 per piece of equipment. Although there is no annual charge, RMS will notify departments of the need to replenish the account if funds are depleted.  Please contact Risk Management Services at 940-565-2109 for more information.

Accident/Claims Reporting

Any UNT employee involved in an accident while operating a university-owned mobile equipement vehicle must report the accident immediately to Risk Management Services.  The University Driver must complete the RMS Vehicle Accident Report Form.  This form must be returned to Risk Management Services within 24 hours of the accident occurring.