General Forms for a UNT Notary Public

All of the following forms should be sent to Risk Management Services once complete.

Application for Appointment as a Texas Notary Public—No Bond.  Form to apply to become a new Notary Public or for those who would like to renew their commission. 

Notary Public Change of Address—Form to notify the secretary of state of a notary public's address change as required by section 406.019, Government Code. (WordAcrobat) This can be completed online or via paper documentation. If you choose to do this online please let Risk Management know as well for their records. (Update your mailing address online!)

Voluntary Surrender of Notary Public Commission—Form to surrender an unexpired notary public commission. (WordAcrobat)

Notary Public Complaint—Form to initiate a complaint against a notary public. (WordAcrobat)

Application for Change of Name as a Texas Notary Public—Form to change the name on a notary’s commission. (WordAcrobat)

Application for Change of Name as Texas Notary Public Without BondFor notaries who are state employees.  If you need to change your name before your commission’s expiration date, read the instructions on the form and complete. Forward the original Application for Change of Name along with $10 fee in an IDO or check if you are a UNT-Dallas employee.


If you have any questions please contact Risk Management Services at 940-565-2109 or Rebekah Moreno