Emergency Management and Safety Services

Director and Staff

Scotie SelmanScotie Selman, Director for Emergency Management and Safety Services
Direct: 940-369-6153
Fax number: 940-369-8813
Website: emergency.unt.edu
Mailing address: 1155 Union Circle #310950; Denton, TX 76203-5017

The Emergency Management and Safety Services Office, housed within Risk Management Services, is responsible for implementing programs that enhance the university's ability to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from large-scale incidents that threaten the safety of the campus community and/or the daily operations of the university.

The mission of the department is to create a culture of readiness by ensuring the campus community is actively involved in emergency preparedness. A number of resources and opportunities are available to the campus community to help educate and promote resiliency on campus.

To learn more, please visit the Emergency Management and Safety Services and RMS Training web pages. Alternatively, please feel welcome to reach out individually to any of the Emergency Management and Safety Services team members.


Corey Olszewski: Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Manager, 940-369-5468

Meg Cochran: International Risk Control Coordinator, 940-369-6154

Ronnie Dobbs: Fire and Life Safety Program Manager, 940-369-6435

Chris Cooper: Fire and Life Safety Officer, 940-369-6436

Hannah Taylor: Emergency Management Specialist, 940-369-8130