Emergency Management & Safety Services

Scotie Selman, Director for Emergency Management & Safety Services
Direct: 940-369-6153
Fax number: 940-369-8813
Mailing address: 1155 Union Circle #310950; Denton, TX 76203-5017
The Office of Emergency Management & Safety Services, housed within Risk Management Services, is responsible for implementing programs that enhance the university's ability to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from large-scale incidents that threaten the safety of the campus community and/or the daily operations of the university.
The mission of the department is to create a culture of readiness by ensuring the campus community is actively involved in emergency preparedness. There are a number of resources and opportunities available to the campus community to help educate and promote resiliency on campus.

To learn more, please visit the UNT Office of Emergency Management & Safety Services website here.  Training offerings can be found on this page.  Alternatively, please feel welcome to reach out individually to any of the Office of Emergency Management & Safety Services team members.

Team Members

Tommy Jones: Fire & Life Safety Officer, 940-369-8104

Justin Stewart: Emergency Management and Planning Officer, 940-369-6153

Major Youngblood: International Risk Control Coordinator, 940-369-6154

Robyn Warren: Emergency Management Coordinator, 940-369-5468