Occupationally Exposed

The State of Texas requires that an individual with the potential to exceed 10 percent of the annual radiation occupational dose limit must have their exposure monitored. The annual occupational radiation dose limits for adults are below:


Adults (millirem per year)

Whole Body


Lens of Eye (LDE)


Extremities (SDE)


Single Organ Dose (TODE)


Skin of Whole Body (SDE)



UNT set two investigation levels, ALARA 1 and ALARA 2, to establish standards for dosimetry badge monitoring, dose assessment, and investigate high radiation. If an individual exceeds an ALARA action level, the Radiation Safety Officer will report the exposure to the Radiation Safety Committee and the appropriate Principal Investigator.

Dosimetry Badge

Dosimeter (badges and rings) measure the amount of radiation received by radiation workers and ensure that radiation workers do not exceed annual occupational dose limits. Badges issued are appropriate with the type of ionizing radiation to which a worker is exposed. Dosimeter should be requested from the Radiation Safety Officer before an individual resumes the use of any radiation source. Dosimetry Badge Request

Occupational Exposure to Pregnant Women

Pregnancy declaration is voluntary under state and federal law. The dose limit for a pregnant radiation worker is 5,000 millirem (mrem) per year prior to a written and signed declaration. Upon declaration, the radiation safety officer will monitor exposure to the embryo/fetus. The dose equivalent to the embryo/fetus during the gestation period, due to the occupational exposure is 500 mrem.

For instance, if the declared pregnant worker has received 450 mrem or more in the period between conception and the declaration, the embryo/fetus is allowed an additional dose of 50 mrem for the remainder of the pregnancy. Pregnancy declaration form 

A pregnant radiation worker has the right to withdraw declaration at any time and without reason, including changes in work or pregnancy status. The standard occupational dose limits for a radiation worker will be reinstated upon withdrawal.