Operation of University Vehicles

University vehicles and mobile equipment (which includes golf carts) may be operated only by an individual who meets the eligibility requirements according to the Operation of University Vehicles Policy and Procedures.

Please note that if you are already an approved driver, you do not have to resubmit a Driver Request form.

Application Process

The University may authorize employees and non-employees to operate motor vehicles and mobile equipment and revoke this authorization at its sole discretion and at any time. Risk Management Services (RMS) is responsible for managing the University’s driver program.

  1. Each applicant must complete a Driver Request Form and return it to RMS prior to operating University vehicles.
  2. RMS will obtain a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) for an applicant with a Texas driver’s license to determine eligibility. Out-Of-State applicants must provide their out-of-state MVR with the application before it will be considered.
  3. The applicant's supervisor will be notified of eligibility.

Van Driver Training

Approved drivers who operate university vehicles classified as large cargo or multi-passenger vans (10+ passengers) must satisfactorily complete Van Driver Training before operating the vehicle. Van Driver Training is given through UNT Facilities.

Updating Driver Records

To update a driver's records (delete, modify, change department, etc.), complete and submit a new Drivers Request Form.

RMS will perform an annual evaluation on each University driver. Based on this evaluation, the unit administrator will be notified of an ineligible driver status.

Summary of Rules and Requirements

The following information are only highlights of the Operation of University Vehicles Policy and Procedures.  All aspects of the policy and procedures must be followed.

Approved driver (hereafter referred to as “Driver”) must comply at all times with all traffic safety laws when operating University vehicles.

  • Driver and all passengers must at all times wear a safety belt when operating any motor vehicle as required. In addition, any defects in safety belt restraint systems must be reported immediately to Facilities Automotive Services for required maintenance.
  • Driver is responsible for knowing how to safely operate a motor vehicle reasonably and according to state laws.
  • Driver shall not permit unauthorized persons to drive, operate, and ride in or on a vehicle owned by the University or rented for any University business/activity.
  • Driver shall not permit anyone to ride on running boards, tailgates, fenders, hood, trunk, roof or any other part of any motorized vehicle or equipment except on seats or inside body walls.
  • Driver shall not leave keys in a vehicle. It is against the law to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running, and violation may result in a suspension of driving privileges.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in University-owned or -rented vehicles, or personal vehicles used on approved University business/activity, and may not be used by the driver prior to the operation of any University motorized vehicle that would in any way violate law, impair judgment, hinder, and/or impede the driver’s ability to safely operate a motorized vehicle.
  • If a driver violates traffic law and is cited for this offense, the driver shall be personally liable for payment of any fine that may come due as a result and shall pay said fine on or before the due date.

Drivers must comply with all applicable University rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines at all times.

  • Drivers must immediately report any major traffic violation(s) to their supervisor and RMS.
  • No driver shall operate a UNT-owned cargo or cargo-passenger van off-campus until successful completion of the UNT Van Driver Training Course (contact Facilities Safety and Training at 369-7335 for more information).
  • Under no circumstances is smoking allowed in any University vehicle. (UNT Policy 4.011)
  • If a driver is involved in an accident in a University-owned or rented vehicle, or one used for a University business/activity, and found to be negligent, the driver could be subject to disciplinary action(s).
  • All student drivers must adhere to the Student Travel Policy (7.001).