Environmental Management (ENVM)

The University of North Texas operations are similar to that of a small town or city. The university has hundreds of chemicals and toxins on campus, some hazardous. The university must comply with relevant Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Homeland Security, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and Texas Department of State Health Services standards.

ENVM is responsible for regulatory issues such as, lab safety, storm water, waste disposal, radiation safety, mold abatement, cleanroom safety, asbestos abatement, refrigerant safety, chemical safety, nanomaterials safety, spill response, applicable Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Transportation rules, biotoxin safety, biosafety, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene, and air emissions reporting.

In addition, the ENVM Section is responsible for reporting all chemical and waste storage and disposal information to various agencies; for monitoring and reporting all lab incidences and violations that require increased training or lab shutdown until violations are resolved; and/or working with UNT Compliance and the Office of General Counsel to ensure all steps are taken to resolve violations.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

For any project that affects Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), contact IAQ@unt.edu or visit the IAQ page for more information.


Any projects that may affect Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) becoming disturbed should contact Facilities Work Control (x2700) or visit the Asbestos page for additional details.

Hazardous Waste Pickups

To request a hazardous waste pickup go to the Hazardous Waste Pickups Request page

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