Perchloric Acid Safety Training, Module 1

Introduction to Perchloric Acid

Perchloric acid is a clear, odorless liquid that is stable at room temperature. Highly volatile, Perchloric acid requires special precautions when handled. Proper care and attention should always be observed when working with and around this material.

Special Chemical Characteristics

At and above 150°C or in concentrations greater than 72%, Perchloric acid is a strong oxidizer. Below 72%, Perchloric acid becomes highly corrosive. In this state, it may cause severe burns to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes on contact. When heated, vapors may be produced and condense within ventilation ductwork, potentially forming explosive perchlorates within hoods.

Organic Materials

Accidental contact between Perchloric acid and clothing, wood, paper, cotton or other organic materials may cause a fire and/or explosion when the Perchloric acid dries.

Physical Properties of Perchloric Acid

CAS # Formula Color Odor Boiling point Density
7601-90-3 HClO4 Clear liquid Odorless 2030C 1.664