Perchloric Acid Safety Training

Introduction and Instructions

Welcome to the UNT Risk Management Online Perchloric Acid Safety Training Program.

The information contained in this online training program is meant to provide greater awareness concerning the safe handling and disposal of Perchloric acid, a very hazardous chemical. This is self-paced, online training. Read and comprehend the information contained in each module as fully as possible before proceeding to the next module.

Expected Participation

Who should participate in this training?

New and affected employees, TAs, RAs, researchers, scientists, and faculty are required to complete this training before working with or handling Perchloric acid, and then review and retake the training on an annual basis as long as the person is involved in using or handling Perchloric acid.

Perchloric Acid Safety Modules

The training is divided into five learning modules.

Perchloric Acid Safety Topics

  1. Introduction to Perchloric Acid
  2. Perchloric Acid Hazards
  3. Safety Procedures
  4. Personal Protective Equipment, PPE
  5. Emergency Identification and Response

Final Quiz

RMS encourages you to completely read and understand the material before taking the quiz. You may log in with your EUID and AMS password to access the final quiz at any time.

Passing Score

A passing grade indicated on the Quiz Information Page is necessary for you to complete the training successfully.