Mold Program

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that is found in the environment.  Mold spores are present everywhere both outdoors and indoors and spread easily through the air.  It is when mold levels inside exceed those outside that we say there is a “mold problem.”  If you can smell a musty odor or see mold, you may have a mold problem and you should contact Risk Management Services for more information.

Our team has highly trained, licensed, and experienced mold professionals who can assess your area to determine if mold is present.  Building occupants can help inhibit the growth of mold in buildings and improve the indoor air quality by keeping the humidity below 60% and report any water leaks or flooding immediately to Facilities Work Control with an online service request or by calling (940) 565-2700.

IAQ or Mold Report Form

If you need to report an Indoor Air quality or mold issue, please click on the below link.