Radiation Safety Training

Introduction and Instructions

Ionizing radiation symbolWelcome to the UNT Risk Management Services web-based Radiation Safety Training Program.

The information contained in these online learning modules provides greater awareness concerning materials usage, safety processes, and waste disposal and cleanup. This is self-paced, online training. Read and comprehend the information contained in each module as fully as possible before proceeding to the next module.


Expected Participation

Who should participate in the training?

Radiation safety training is required by state and federal regulations. It is required for all individuals working with radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation producing devices.

The training program helps prevent and minimize injury to faculty, staff, students and visitors and promotes awareness of the safety requirements when using radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation producing devices.

Radiation Safety Training Modules

The training is divided into 11 learning modules.

Radiation Safety Topics

  1. Radiation Safety Program and Administration
  2. Regulations
  3. Radioactivity
  4. Biological Effects
  5. Sealed and Unsealed Sources
  6. Principles of Radiation Safety and Protection
  7. Contamination Control
  8. Detection and Measurement
  9. Radioactive Material Access and Control
  10. Signs and Labeling
  11. Waste Disposal

Final Quiz

You are encouraged to read and understand the material completely before taking the quiz. You may log in with your valid UNT credentials, EUID and password, to access the final quiz at any time.

Passing Score

A passing grade indicated on the Quiz Information Page is necessary for you to complete the training successfully.