Radiation and Laser safety serves and supports the goals of the university, enabling the safe and compliant use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Radiation Safety provides guidance and timely service to the university community through our commitment of creating safe solutions, solving problems collaboratively and identifying and reducing risk.
Radiation Safety Committee
The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) directs the Radiation Safety Program. The committee is made up of authorized users of radioactive material, ionizing radiation equipment and the Radiation Safety Officer. 
Research Using Radionuclides, X-rays and Laser
Approval process
Full-time members of the academic faculty can request for possession and use of radioactive materials, radiation producing device and laser.  The faculty must submit an application to the Radiation Safety Officer for review by the Radiation Safety Committee. Please click here to download and submit an application for RAM and Laser use authorization, found on the Forms page.
All personnel working with radioactive material, radiation producing device and laser must complete the required trainings. The training includes an initial and an annual update followed by an exam. Also authorized principle investigator must perform operation and safety training for specific research and equipment.
Procurement of Radionuclides, X-rays and Laser
Procurement of radioactive materials, x-ray and laser must be placed according to Procurement guidelines. Direct purchases of radioactive materials are prohibited, regardless of the amount to be expended.  Radioisotope deliveries will be made to Radiation Safety Office, unless the Radiation Safety Committee grants a written exception. The Radiation Safety Officer should be notified prior to the purchase of x-rays, class IIIB lasers and class IV lasers.
Animal use
The use of radioactive material in animals requires protocol approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). Approval from Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) might also be required depending on the research. The Radiation Safety Officer will provide guideline upon request of radioactive material in animals use.