UNT has established standards for our faculty, staff, students, volunteers and our community partners in an effort to provide a safe environment for youth visiting our campus and engaging with our UNT members through educational, recreational, and experiential activities to promote positive youth development.


All program personnel including faculty, staff, volunteers, and students in a position involving direct contact with youth at a campus program or activity are required to successfully complete a sexual abuse and molestation awareness training and exam approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services every two years.

Teachers and others who routinely work with youth are not exempt from this requirement.  If an approved external training and examination have been completed within the last two years, a copy of the certificate of completion must be submitted to the Youth Protection Program. If no certificate of completion is received, individual will be asked to retake the training course.

The UNT Youth Protection Program coordinates assignment and monitoring of this training requirement. 



UNT requires annual background checks on all personnel who will have direct contact with youth. Background checks must be completed prior to program or event start date.

  • UNT Colleges and Departments

This requirement applies to UNT faculty, staff, students and any community volunteers who will engage in a program/activity specifically organized and/or sponsored by any college/department/unit.

  • ​Student Internships

Our department is available to help facilitate the completion of background checks for UNT students planning an internship, practicum or volunteer work in facilities or organizations working with youth. Students should work with their advisor and/or professor to determine payment options prior to submitting the background check request. 

  • Third Party Programs/Organizations

Third parties working with youth using UNT facilities must ensure their personnel are background checked in compliance with our 04.025 Youth Protection Program Policy.

Third parties have the following options available to meet the requirement:

  • Work through the Youth Protection Program for the completion of background checks and training for all program personnel.
  • Third parties must certify that they have performed background checks on program personnel and all members have been cleared to work with youth. Background checks must include, at a minimum, the following:
    • A state and federal criminal history check covering a minimum of seven (7) years.
    • A nationwide sex offender search.
    • A social security number check.



YPP Service UNT Programs Third Party Programs
Background Checks $16.00 $18.00 + tax
Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation Awareness Training No fee $6.00



  • Submit the Background Check and Training Request Form. Requests are processed within 1-5 business days.
  • Allow 10 additional business days for the completion of background checks.
  • Requests should be submitted in advance to avoid delays.
  • All program personnel, including volunteers, must be cleared to work with youth before the program start date.

*THIRD PARTIES AND INDIVIDUALS:  click here to submit your payment.

Youth Protection Program's ability to provide updates on any requested background checks and training status is impacted by the timeliness of the individuals within your group. Please encourage your group members in need of any of these two items to review the YouthProtection@unt.edu email they will receive with the detailed instructions as soon as possible.


Please email any questions to YouthProtection@unt.edu or contact the Director of Youth Protection at 940-565-2813.

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