Youth Protection Program provides guidance to those involved in the planning and implementation of programs for youth sponsored by the University of North Texas or conducted on/off campus.

University departments wishing to host youth programs can work with the assistance of our department or can choose to make their own arrangements for meetings and recreational space, auxiliary services, transportation, social events, and all support services needed for a successful program by contacting the appropriate UNT entity. 

Any third party (not directly affiliated with UNT) wishing to use University facilities to conduct a program for youth must work through Scheduling Services and secure a Facilities Use Agreement. These programs must adhere to University procedures, guidelines, and policies while a guest at the University of North Texas.


  • Medical Information Form - This form is to be completed by the parent or guardian of the program's participant. The form requests basic medical history information and authorizes UNT to obtain medical treatment for the participant when necessary. 
  • Parent/Guardian Authorization and Release Form - This form requests parent permission for youth participation in programs offered by UNT and grants permission to the university to photograph and publish an individual for either printed or electronic material. 
  • Youth Program Insurance Request - Programs must purchase accidental medical insurance for the group through Risk Management Services (RMS) if it cannot be verified that all youth have personal medical coverage.


  • CPR and STOP THE BLEED training courses can be requested by contacting Risk Management Emergency Preparedness by submitting the UNT Emergency Management & Safety Services Training Request Form
  • Emergency Guidelines - These resources by Emergency Management & Safety Services offer guidance on what to do in case of a fire, tornado, or heat‐related illness and are available to assist you in creating an adequate emergency plan for your particular program or event. 
  • Fire Safety - These resources under Emergency Management & Safety Services offer help prepare programs with adequate procedures and resources to address fire safety, personal safety, event safety and medical crisis, access their online resources or call 940-369-6153.
  • Standards of Behavior Agreement - This agreement outlines the expectations set on all personnel for all programs involving youth. This agreement should be read and signed by all personnel. A signed copy of this agreement should be provided to their program manager prior to the program start date.
  • Youth Protection Program Definition - This document provides a definition for program manages to determine what type of programs are under our department's scope. Contact YPP Director for any questions or clarification. 
  • Youth Program Handbook - Provides procedures and guidelines for program managers as they work through the planning of programs, activities, and events on and off campus.

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