If you want to operate or have another person operate an unmanned aircraft system (drone) for personal, educational, work or another use on the University of North Texas campus, you will need to register before you use it and you will need to follow the appropriate UNT and federal procedures below.

Please reach out to AskRMS@unt.edu if you have any questions regarding this information.

UNT Units will need to notify Risk Management Services (RMS) to express intentions and begin the process of acquiring a UAS. Please do this prior to acquiring or spending money on a unmanned aircraft system (drone).


Step 1: Notify Risk Management Services
The UNT employee or department contact that wants to acquire a UAS (drone) will fill out the first page of the UAS Use Permit Application, which can be found on our Forms page. After you have filled out that first page, email it to RMS@unt.edu.
All pages after the first one are for use by pilots/operators once a UAS/drone flight has been scheduled. Please note, to schedule a fight on campus, you must also go through an approval process with the Federal Aviation Administration and UNT. This is required because UNT is near the Denton Airport.
Step 2: Review and training
RMS will provide follow-up discussions on the usage and intentions of acquiring a UAS.

RMS will provide the established point-of-contact an introductory packet which will consist of:

      • UAS Policy, Unmanned Aircraft System, 15.016
      • UAS Usage Procedures
      • UAS Usage Flowchart
      • FAA Safety Briefing: You & UAS
      • Any other helpful tips and contact information
Step 3: Purchase and protect
The department will proceed to purchase or manufacture a UAS.
Upon receipt of the UAS, the department will need to tag and inventory the equipment by contacting UNT Property Management. This helps ensure that the item is recorded so that UNT can keep track of it. Please also ensure your UAS/drone is kept in a secured location.
Phone: (940) 565-2392