If you have a question or concern about food safety on campus, please email AskRMS@unt.edu.

UNT is committed to the protection of food consumers on our campus. The Food Safety Program is designed to promote the safe and sanitary preparation of food and prevention of foodborne illness. The goal of the program is to provide proper inspection of permanent and temporary food facilities and provide consultation and/or approval for temporary food events to UNT organizations, departments, and third-party vendors.

Risk Management Services ensures UNT's compliance with the Texas Food Establishment Rules and provides guidance and support in reporting alleged outbreaks of foodborne illness on UNT property. Our team collaborates with the UNT community to promote safe food handling techniques. We serve as the primary resource for the UNT community regarding current information on food safety issues and foodborne illness prevention.

Serving Food from an Outside Restaurant/Vendor On Campus

All outside food served on campus needs approval by Risk Management Food Safety prior to the event. "Outside food" is defined as any food prepared by a restaurant, vendor, or catering service that is not on the UNT campus. 

  • To serve outside foodon campus, please fill out the Temporary Event Food Service Application. Form must be received 10 business days prior to the event. The health permit from the city of the restaurant/vendor must be included with the application.
  • The health permit should be on display at the restaurant, or available upon request from the restaurant/vendor staff (a photo of the permit is acceptable).
  • This does not apply if you are using UNT Dining, Verde Catering, an on-campus food establishment, or prepackaged food purchased from a store (such as chips, candy, water bottles, etc.).

This process keeps our campus safe by preventing foodborne illness.

Cookout Events On Campus

Cookouts held on campus must follow the Temporary Food Service Guidelines. Please review the guidelines, found on our Forms page, prior to your event and reach out to us with any questions. Any cookout event could be subject to an inspection by Risk Management Food Safety. We reserve the right to limit what product can be sold or served on campus if deemed unsuitable or unsafe for human consumption.

Bake Sale Events On Campus

Bake Sales held on campus must follow the RMS Bake Sale Guidelines, found on our Forms page. All products must be from an "approved" source, such as pre-packaged items from a grocery store or UNT Dining.  Food prepared in a private home is considered to be from an "unapproved" source and may not be sold or served on campus.  Food products must be non-perishable (not requiring refrigeration) and individually sealed.

Bake Sale events are subject to inspection and we reserve the right to limit what product can be sold or served on campus if deemed  unsuitable or unsafe for human consumption.

Potluck Events On Campus

Potlucks held on campus must follow the RMS Potluck Guidelines, found on our Forms page. Departments and non-student organizations may hold an internal potluck event on campus only if the event is closed to the public. Student organizations may not host potluck events on campus. Please distribute the Potluck Safety Tips handout prior to your event.

Foodborne Illness Investigations

The Risk Management Services office responds to all reports of suspected foodborne illnesses implicating food sold or served on UNT property.

Reporting a Suspected Foodborne Illness

  • Contact your medical provider as soon as possible. Medical diagnosis is a key element in assisting Risk Management Services in determining whether your became ill from eating food on campus. If you are a student, please reach out to the UNT Student Health and Wellness Center.
  • Submit a Food Illness Report, you will be contacted by our Public Health designated RMS team member.