This is an electronic process, no paper or physical forms need to be printed or sent to Risk Management Services (RMS).

Electronic Driver Request Process - Follow the steps, in sequence, to request driver approval from RMS. A signed RMS Supervisor Approval form must be attached to a new Driver Request Form (DRF). DRFs submitted without a RMS Supervisor Approval form will not be processed. A basic outline of the RMS Driver Request process is as follows:

  • Complete a RMS Supervisor Approval form, Step 1.
  • Complete the electronic DRF. Attach a complete RMS Supervisor Approval form, Step 2.
  • Once the DRF has been submitted it will be sent to RMS for processing.
  • Processing of DRF is five to seven business days depending on request volume.
  • Supervisors will receive quarterly reports sent from, identifying drivers that need annual recertification. Nothing else will be required on your end and drivers remain active unless they fail to meet UNT driver eligibility requirements or are no longer employed with the University.
  • An incomplete or incorrect DRF will extend processing times.

Step 1

Download and save the RMS Supervisor Approval file. This form should be completed and signed electronically using Adobe. Information regarding Adobe documents and signatures can be found, here. You will need to attach this form in step 2.


Step 2

Proceed to this step after you have completed Step 1. You will need to attach the document from Step 1 in order to complete Step 2.

  • If the driver will be driving a Golf Cart or Van as part of their job duties they will need to complete the accompanying trainings. These trainings are done AFTER the driver is approved to drive. Golf Cart (Low Speed Vehicle) training can be found on and van training can be scheduled by contacting UNT Facilities via