UNT is committed to maintaining the safety of our community, including youth visitors who come to our campus for sports camps, music instruction, tours and other activities. If you're sponsoring a youth program or would like to organize one on campus, contact Youth Protection Program at YouthProtection@unt.edu or 940-565-2813.


  1. We provide direction on best practices to create safe environments for non-student youth programs.  
  2. We assist colleges and departments with program planning to ensure they meet University requirements. 
  3. We facilitate Sexual Abuse and Molestation Awareness training to equip personnel with knowledge and tools to prevent abuse.
  4. We coordinate annual background checks for youth programs' personnel to increase our University's abuse prevention efforts.
  5. We monitor youth programs to ensure the safety of our young visitors.
  6. We help support UNT youth programming on and off campus.

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