Animal Control

The North Texas region is home to a diverse ecosystem and it is not out of the ordinary for wildlife to occasionally appear on campus.  If you see wildlife that may be in danger or may pose a danger to the UNT community, you should quickly notify the appropriate offices on campus.

  • If you or someone else is in need of immediate medical assistance or in a life-threatening situation, dial 911.  
  • Contact Facilities Work Control at 940-565-2700 if you spot an animal or critter on campus that is in danger or may pose a threat to the campus community.

Learn more about Texas wildlife by visiting the website of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Animal Policy

If you intend to bring an animal on campus, please review Policy 04.026, Animals On Campus Grounds and consult with the appropriate offices prior to bringing the animal to campus. 

The university complies with federal and state disability civil rights laws for service and comfort animals. For more information, contact the Office of Disability Accommodations.

If you plan on bringing animals on campus to incorporate in an animal exhibit or display on campus, please fill out the Request to Bring Animals to Campus form and send the form to