Download UNT's Space Heater Request Procedure information sheet here.

When the temperatures drop outside, it can be tempting to bring your space heater to campus. However, there are some important safety restrictions you must consider prior to bringing a space heater to UNT. By doing so,  you help us prevent fires or electrical disruptions on campus.

Step 1

Submit a “cold call/temp check” work order request to Facilities at 940-565-2700 or online at After submitting the work order, save the provided work order number.

Step 2

Facilities will perform an on-site evaluation to see if the temperature in your workspace can be adjusted so that a space heater may not be needed. Be sure to have them evaluate not just your office environment but the specific location where you want the space heater.

Step 3

If the office temperature is still too cold following Facilities adjustment, if possible, request a separate work order for an Electrical site survey at your site where the space heater would be. Please wait until Facilities confirm that the circuit/outlet may be utilized for a space heater. Space heaters plugged into some areas could create a fire hazard situation, so this evalutation is mandatory. Please keep your initial and this work order number handy as you will need them for the EMSS Space Heater tag request.

Step 4

Once both work orders have been closed and a space heater is still needed, submit a Space Heater Request to EMSS at this link. An Emergency Management & Safety Services team member will contact you to schedule a day/time to tag the Space Heater.

Before purchasing a space heater or contacting Emergency Management & Safety Services (EMSS) for a tag, be aware that the space heater you choose must adhere to the UNT Risk Management appliance policy. The policy specifics the following requirements for space heaters:

  • Operate on no more than 250 watts of power
  • Be electric
  • Be equipped with a tip-over, cut-off protection device 
  • Have the seal of an independent testing laboratory
  • Not exceed the circuitry limits, as evaluated by UNT Facilities
  • Be inspected and approved by the Emergency Management & Safety Services Fire & Life Safety Office

Thank you for your help in keeping the campus safe. If you have questions, please email

Space Heater Use

When using a space heater, always adhere to these safety recommendations:

  • Plug the space heater into the wall, NOT into an extension cord
  • Run the heater away from combustible materials, including desks and chairs
  • Keep the heater on a solid, flat surface, away from foot traffic
  • Keep heaters away from exits, so as to not impede egress
  • Turn off and unplug the space heater when you leave the room

Read the full space heater guidance here.