Student travel must comply with the requirement set forth in UNT's Policy 07.001 Student Travel.

In addition to the requirements covered by the Student Travel policy, it is recommended that the person authorized to approve travel coordinate a pre-trip orientation with travelers. The pre-trip orientation should address the requirements found in the Student Travel policy and be based on the travel destination. Research the destination in depth by reading traveler reviews and consulting with local officials and sources for information about the safest neighborhoods, places to stay, and incidences of crime. To assist individuals in conducting a pre-trip orientation, Emergency Management & Safety Services has developed a Pre-Trip Orientation PowerPoint template. Download this template and update the slides with information specific to your trip.


The following resources are available to assist UNT students in planning domestic travel. NOTE: If you will be traveling internationally for university-related travel, please visit this site.

Travel Safety Tips

This document contains step-by-step instructions for ensuring you are prepared to travel. Download this guide and follow the instructions to ensure you have a safe trip.

Travel Emergency Plan Template

This document is a fillable travel emergency plan template. Download this form, perform your research, and fill out the information requested. When you complete the plan, you can email it to yourself, print a hardcopy, and save the information to your phone.