Emergency Management & Safety Services has developed evacuation and shelter-in-place maps to be used in the event of building fires or severe weather.  The maps portray evacuation routes, severe weather shelter areas, fire refuge areas for persons with disabilities, and the location of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and evacuation chairs.

Additional information regarding evacuation planning for persons with disabilities and mobility impairments is available on ADA Emergency Preparedness page of this website.

If you require assistance with these floor plans or have questions related to evacuation or shelter-in-place, please send an email Emergency.Management@unt.edu.

Residence Halls

Evacuation and shelter-in-place maps for UNT residence halls are listed below alphabetically by building name.

Greek Life Houses

Evacuation and shelter-in-place maps for UNT Greek Life Houses are listed below.

Educational and General Buildings

Evacuation and shelter-in-place maps for UNT educational and general use buildings are listed below alphabetically by building name.

Air Force ROTC
Alumni Pavilion
Art Annex
Art Building
Athletic Center
Auditorium-English Building
Bain Hall
Business Leadership Building
Chemistry Building
Chestnut Hall
Chilton Hall
Curry Hall
Dance and Theatre Building
DATCU Stadium
Discovery Park
Eagle Landing
Eagle Student Services Center
Environmental Education, Science, & Technology Building
Facilities Complex
Field House
Gateway Center
General Academic Building
Goolsby Chapel
Greek Life Center
Hickory Hall
Highland Street Parking Garage
Hurley Administration Building
Ken Bahnsen Gym
Kristin Farmer Autism Center
Language Building
Library Annex
Library Annex Surplus Warehouse
Life Sciences Complex
Lovelace & McNatt Families Practice Facility
Marquis Hall
Matthews Hall
Matthews Hall Annex
Mean Green Village Building B (Child Development Laboratory)
Mean Green Village Building C (Provost Office)
Mean Green Village Building G (Ernie Kuenhe Basketball Practice Facility)
Mean Green Village Building H (Olympic Sports Complex)
Mean Green Village Building K (Gayle and Virgil Strange Student Athlete Academic Center)
Mean Green Village Building P (UNT Army ROTC)
Murchison Performing Arts Center
Murchison Performing Arts Annex
Music Annex
Music Building
Music Practice North
Music Practice South
North Texas Lofts
Oak Street Hall Annex
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Physical Education Building
Physics Building
Pohl Recreation Center
Radio, TV, Film, and Performing (RTFP) Arts Building
Rafes Urban Astronomy Center
Research Collections Library
Risk Management Center
Sage Hall
Science Research Building
Speech & Hearing Clinic
Sullivant Public Safety Center
Support Services Building
Sycamore Hall
Terrill Hall
Track and Soccer Complex
University Machine Shop
University Services Building
University Union
Waranch Tennis Complex
Welch Street Complex 1 (Fashion and Fibers)
Welch Street Complex 2 (Counseling and Higher Education)
Welcome Center
Willis Library
Woodhill Square Building 3
Woodhill Square Building 4
Wooten Hall

UNT at Frisco

Evacuation and shelter-in-place maps for UNT at Frisco buildings are listed below alphabetically by building name.