Be Mean Green Ready for severe weather!A UNT Orientation Leader holding an open umbrella on the roof of the Union, with the camera pointed toward Hurley.

Severe weather can occur at any time of the year, but the North Texas area sees a more significant threat during the spring months. Preparation for storms, tornados and other severe weather is key. Below are some tips to help the UNT community become Mean Green Ready for severe weather!

Update your Eagle Alert information

All UNT community members are automatically enrolled in the emergency messaging system for campus, Eagle Alert, but can choose the best emails or telephone numbers for contact information. UNT System staff are automatically signed up to receive Eagle Alerts based on their office location and can choose to receive alerts from other UNT System locations if they would like to do so. Keep Eagle Alert information up to date - find out how on this page.

Be “Weather Aware” at all times

Check on weather conditions and understand weather impacts. When severe weather is in the forecast, keep an eye on the weather through the National Weather Service or by following Emergency Management and Safety Services on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Know where to go

Identify the nearest shelter areas. Shelter areas are designated for every building on campus and can be viewed on the UNT Emergency Floor Plans or via the UNT Mean Green Ready App.

Understand the difference between a watch and a warning

A watch means that conditions are favorable for a particular type of weather. A warning means that the weather event is underway. Here are some common severe weather terms:

  • Severe Thunderstorm Watch: A severe thunderstorm is possible. Be weather aware and stay tuned to local radio/TV for information. 
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning: A severe thunderstorm is happening or imminent. Get indoors immediately and stay tuned to local radio/TV for more information.
  • Tornado Watch: A tornado is possible. Know where you'll take shelter if you have to. Be weather aware and stay tuned to local radio/TV for information. 
  • Tornado Warning: A tornado is happening or imminent. Take shelter immediately and stay in your shelter until the warning has ended.

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