The University of North Texas is constantly striving to strengthen its capability to help individuals with disabilities prepare for emergencies. Emergency Management & Safety Services is dedicated to providing people with disabilities access to preparedness resources. In addition to the provided resources, persons with disabilities should take into consideration what their particular resources and requirements are when preparing for an emergency. If you have questions about any of the content on this webpage, or you would like help in creating your emergency plan, please contact us at

Emergency Equipment

All buildings on the UNT campus are equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (or AED). AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere. It is important to know where your nearest AED is at all times. You can locate on-campus AEDs using this online map. Learn more about the university's AED program here.

Several buildings on the UNT campus are equipped with evacuation chairs. To determine which buildings have these chairs, you can contact or look for the CHAIR icon on the building emergency floor plans. Emergency Management & Safety Services develops emergency floor plans for each building on the UNT campus. These floor plans indicate the locations of fire refuge areas, tornado shelters, AEDs, and evacuation chairs. View the floor plans for the buildings you frequently visit here.


One of the best ways you can prepare for emergencies is through training. Emergency Management & Safety Services offers several training sessions to help prepare our campus community for incidents of all kinds. Learn more about the training available and request a session using this link.

Emergency Plan

To assist you in creating your own emergency plan, the ADA National Network has created some helpful checklists. 

Service Animals

You can review the university's policy regarding service and comfort animals here. Please consult the UNT Office of Disability Access (ODA) for more information.

If you have a service or comfort animal, it is important to prepare them for emergencies as well. Check out the following webpages for helpful information for preparing your pet:

 If you have comments or suggestions, please contact UNT Emergency Management & Safety Services here.