Chemical Inventory

Each laboratory is required to maintain a current chemical inventory that lists the chemicals and compressed gases used and stored in the labs to include the quantity of these chemicals. Chemical inventories are used to ensure compliance with storage limits and other regulations and can be used in an emergency to identify potential hazards for emergency response operations. RMS recommends that all laboratories update their chemical inventory at least annually. While no standardized format is required, the inventory should include, at minimum: the chemical name, container size, and the building name and room number. For a chemical inventory template, see Appendix K Chemical Inventory.

Legacy Chemicals and Unknowns

Legacy chemicals are unused chemicals that are stored for many years, often inherited chemical stocks from previous lab occupants. These chemicals are often in the back of cabinets, desiccators, or drawers for many years, unnoticed and unused. These chemicals can take up valuable space and some chemicals can become dangerous as they age. Small leaks can go unnoticed and can cause violent reactions and generate toxic fumes. If there are any legacy chemicals or unknowns - discuss with your PI about discarding these and contact RMS for a hazardous waste pick-up request.

To help prevent unknowns and legacy chemicals, please make sure all lab personnel are labeling all samples and chemical bottles.

Chemical Hygene Plan - Table of Contents