Incident Reporting

All work-related injuries or illnesses are to be reported by the supervisor to RMS at 940-565-2109. The injured or ill employee should be present for the call so the employee's injuries or illness may be triaged and the appropriate medical care provided. In case of emergency, call 911 for immediate medical care for the injured or ill employee.

Employee's Responsibility

  • When an incident occurs, the employee must report all injuries or illnesses to his/her supervisor immediately.

PI or Laboratory Supervisor's Responsibility

  • Call RMS at 940-565-2109 to report the injury or illness.
  • Reporting of incidents to RMS should be clear and concise, including the following information:
  • Nature of the incident
  • Hazardous material involved
  • Nature of any injuries
  • Location
  • Name of the caller
  • Phone number where caller can be reached
  • Within 24 hours, complete the incident report
  • Take prompt action to correct any safety hazards

Students must report incidents, injuries, and illnesses that occur in laboratories to the appropriately responsible person (i.e., Teaching Assistant, Lab Supervisor, and PI). The responsible person should report the incident to RMS.

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