Medical Consultations and Evaluations

Lab personnel are eligible for medical consultation if they perform work related tasks that might be reasonably anticipated to cause occupational exposure to a potential hazard. Medical evaluations shall be performed by or under the direct supervision of a licensed physician, at a reasonable time and place without cost or loss of pay to the employee. It is the responsibility of the affected Department or PI to contact RMS to arrange for such care.

An opportunity to receive medical attention, including any follow-up examinations which the examining physician determines to be necessary, shall be provided to employees under the following circumstances:

  • When an employee develops signs or symptoms associated with occupational exposure to a hazardous chemical.
  • When air sampling reveals exposure levels routinely above the action level, or in its absence the PEL for an OSHA regulated substance. Medical surveillance shall comply with the requirements of that particular standard.
  • Medical consultation shall be provided whenever an abnormal event such as a spill, leak or explosion takes place in the laboratory. Its purpose shall be to determine whether subsequent medical examination is necessary.
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